Pre-Owned Machines

2006 Chocolate Cooling Cabinet

Chocolate Cooling Cabinet - Item # 10018 - Hilliards Chocolate System

Model:  Chocolate Cooling Cabinet
Year Built:  2006
Serial Number:  061109
Condition:  Good


Capacity:  5 standard 18" x 26" pans or racks (pans and racks optional at an additional cost)

Size:  34" wide, 26 1/2" deep, 40" high

Electrical requirements:  standard 120 volts, AC, 800 watts intermittent.

If purchased New, price:  $3700


Hilliard's Cooling Cabinet provides precisely controlled temperature and humidity conditions which assure a rich lustre and surface appearance on all chocolate confections, including molds.  It can easily speed the total production process.  Freshly coated chocolates can be cooled, ready for packing, storing or sales within ten minutes.  Even large molded pieces can be thoroughly and safely cooled in 20 to 30 minutes.


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