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2010 Hilliard's 80-Lb. Automatic Tempering Melter

Hilliard's 80-Lb. Automatic Tempering Melter - Item # 10034 - Hilliards Chocolate System

Model:  Hilliard's 80-Lb. Automatic Tempering Melter
Year Built:  2010
Serial Number:  101009
Condition:  Good-Factory Refurbished


Used - Steel frame with FRP


Tempering Capacity:
 80 lb. (36 kg.) per day

(80 lb.) 32 1/4" wide, 21" deep, 33" high (82 x 53 x 84 cm)

Electrical Requirements:
120 volts AC. 700 watts (80 lb)


Packing and shipping additional.



Easy to use, easy to manage
  • Designed for small production runs and frequent changes in product type.  It is easily used by even the most inexperienced candy maker.  The machine tempers 10 pounds of chocolate per hour.  The chocolate is kept at the proper temperature and temper so that it is always ready for immediate use . . . even if you have to answer the phone, wait on a customer, mix other ingredients, or are unable to tend the machine.
  • You can add chocolate at any time. The new chocolate is melted separately from that already tempered. As it melts, the new chocolate is transferred to the "ready" batch.

Switch gears quickly with easy cleanup and changeover

  • All parts of this Hilliard's Tempering Melter, that are in contact with the chocolate, are constructed of sanitary, cleanable materials. Cleaning and changeover from one type of chocolate to another can be completed simply and easily in about one-half hour, without the need for tools.

Save space with Hilliard's Tempering Melter

  • Hilliard's machines are small and lightweight. It can fit into a small corner, or it is portable and handsome enough to be right out in front where customers can see the production process.  It is ideal for use in smaller shops and in laboratories for short-run product development.



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