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Jumbo Hand Coater

Tempering Capacity: 240 lbs. (109 kg) per day (can be increased to exceed 100 lbs./hr with drip feed)

Coating Belt: 6" (15 cm) wide

Size: 37 1/2" wide, 25" deep, 47" high (95 x 64 x 120 cm)

Electrical Requirements: Standard 120 volts AC, 900 watts intermittent. Units can be supplied to meet other electrical requirements.

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Ramp up chocolate production with the Jumbo Hand Coater

In comparison to the original Hand Coater, the Jumbo model provides three times the tempering capacity. Its tempering melter assures a continuous supply of up to 240 pounds per day of precisely tempered chocolate.

The entire system - melter, tempering unit, mold filler and 5" coater - is housed in a single, portable cabinet which was designed so that an operator can work comfortably even while seated. And when it comes to efficiency The Jumbo Hand Coater is way out in front.

Even an inexperienced operator can produce beautiful chocolates without a problem. (Barks and clusters can be mixed right in the tempering melter.)

Easy operation designed to increase efficiency

The Jumbo Hand Coater is also designed for highly efficient, profitable operation. Changeover to different coatings or batches is quick, simple and easy requiring no tools or complicated assembly.

The Jumbo Hand Coater is constructed of easy-to-maintain stainless steel and other food grade materials. It is sold complete with work lamp, side table, dipping fork and night cover.

Parts are covered with a one year warranty.

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