About Hilliard's Chocolate System

About Jim Bourne Hilliard's Chocolate System

2012 Candy Hall of Fame Inductee

James S. Bourne, President

Jim started in the confectionery industry in 1976, building chocolate tempering machines and enrobers in Alan Hilliard's basement, then owner of Hilliard's Chocolate System. As the business grew, Jim took over supervising the production and installation of the machines, and purchasing raw materials and components.

Working his way up through the company, Jim eventually bought Hilliard's in 1985, growing it into one of the major suppliers of chocolate equipment for the retail candy business.

Jim has served the Retail Confectioners International in many capacities, including instructing at every RCI Gus Pulakos Candy School since 1986 and every Chocolate Boot Camp since its inception in 2003. In 1989 Jim received the Henry J. Bornhofft Memorial Award as the outstanding supplier and the RCI President's Award in 2007. Bourne has served on the RCI Board of Directors, Associate/Supplier Advisory Board several times including twice as Chairman.

Jim has been an active member of the Pennsylvania Manufacturing Confectioners Association (PMCA), New England Retail Confectioners Association (NERCA), Retail Confectioners Association of Philadelphia (RCAP) and the National Confectioners Association (NCA) serving on the Supplier Advisory Committee. He has served on the Kettle Committee since 1994 and as Chairman in 2002. In 2012 Jim was inducted into the National Confectionery Sales Association (NCSA) Candy Hall of Fame.

About Sheri Anderson Hilliard's Chocolate System


Sheri manages all aspects of the office at Hilliard's including accounts payable, receivable payroll and sales since starting in 2004.

About Ed Neary Hilliard's Chocolate System


Ed joined Hilliard's in 1980, building the equipment. His mechanical background helps him as our shop supervisor and customer service handling technical questions.

About Dan Andersen Hilliard's Chocolate System


Dan came to Hilliard's in 2007 from a restaurant management background. Graduating from RCI Chocolate Boot Camp in 2014 has helped him in sales and customer service. Dan's duties include purchasing, sales, HR, production and customer service.

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