The finest chocolate melting, tempering, coating & decorating equipment from Hilliard's Chocolate System

Hilliard's provide the finest in machinery for chocolate candy producers made in the USA - tempering melters of several capacities, hand coaters, complete coating systems, and cooling cabinets - for the novice or experienced chocolate maker - to provide a complete range of capabilities.

Our systems are designed to offer it all - efficient operations, fast start up and easy clean-up, quick changeover from one batch to another, all combined with an attractive styling and sanitary design.

Hilliard's chocolate processing equipment. Engineered for excellence and built to last - they'll give you more efficiency, more product for your money.

No More Light Bulbs

Hilliard's Upcoming Events

We have been told by our supplier of light bulbs that effective 6/1/23 there will be no more incandescent light bulb sales. Hilliard's has stock in some, but they will not last indefinitely. We highly recommend you consider sending your Little Dippers into us for a 'Day at the Spa' where we will convert your light bulbs over to the new blower style heater we use today. We will also go through and change the scrapers and check for any other issues. The cost of a 'Day at the Spa' package is $375.  Please call ahead to schedule your conversion. When packing your machine, use care, and include a note with your Company Name, Return address, and that your Little Dipper is in for a Heater Conversion. This way we can get the machine back to you as soon as possible. If you have any questions, give us a call!