Hilliard's Chocolate System Equipment List

The full line of chocolate melting, tempering, coating & decorating equipment from Hilliard's Chocolate Equipment

All of Hilliard's Chocolate System's equipment is proudly made in the USA

All of Hilliard's Chocolate System's equipment is proudly made in the USA

Little Dipper
The "Little Dipper" chocolate tempering machine is a pilot plant (laboratory) size version of Hilliard's large tempering melters. A compact melting and tempering unit, it is designed to process from 1 1/2 pounds to 25 pounds of chocolate per day.

Chocolate Tempering Melters
Hilliard's Tempering Melters are available in three sizes with tempering capacities of 80 lbs., 240 lbs. or 600 lbs. per day. These chocolate tempering machines are specifically designed for small production runs and frequent changes in product type.

10 & 16 Inch Chocolate Coating System with Tempering Bottomer
If you are looking for a 'clean label' then you might want a Hilliard's Chocolate Coating Systems with a tempering bottomer. Designed for easy, profitable production of 100 to 1200 pounds per day.

Topping Machine
Hilliard's topping machine. This machine applies an even coating of a variety of toppings over your products.

Chocolate Cooling Cabinet
Hilliard's Cooling Cabinet is an indispensable accessory in the production of fine chocolates. It provides what most shops lack - precisely controlled temperature and humidity conditions and airflow for even cooling.

Shaker Table
The Shaker Table is an ideal time saver to use in your hand molding operation. Just plug the Shaker Table in to any convenient electrical outlet and turn it on.

Six Inch Coater
The Hilliard's Six Inch Coater offers all of the features of our Jumbo Hand Coater and more. A variable speed shaker controls coating thickness. A bottom roller gives better coverage. The longer coating belt allows more control of chocolate coating.

Compact Coater
Hilliard's Compact Coater offers big coater efficiency and consistency at an economical price. The unit solves the small store's concern about quality, consistent output, low maintenance and profitable production. It's chocolate tempering, coating and cooling in a compact system.

10 & 16 Inch Chocolate Coating System with Non-Tempering Bottomer
Here's the economical answer to continuous production of a variety of superior quality chocolate candies. Hilliard's Chocolate Coating Systems are precision designed for easy, profitable production of 100 to 1200 pounds per day.

G.M.S. Decorator
Hilliard's introduces the G.M.S. Decorator. It's a simple, low cost machine that automates decoration of chocolate pieces before they enter the cooling tunnel.

Chocolate Warmer
The Hilliard's Chocolate Warmer has three 6 quart pans, stainless steel construction, and a thermostatic adjustment to keep your chocolate at the perfect temperature.