Hilliard's 10 & 16 Inch Chocolate Coating System with Non-Tempering Bottomer

10 & 16 Inch Chocolate Coating System with Non-Tempering Bottomer

Belt Widths: 10 and 16 inches (25 and 40 cm)

Belt Speed: 1 to 8 feet/min (0.3 to 2.4 m/min) fixed or variable speed

Tunnel Lengths: 6 to 60 feet (1.8 to 18 meters)

Electrical Requirements: Three 20 amp circuits, each 120 volts, 60 cycles. (Units can be supplied to meet other electrical requirements.) No water or air connection required.

Here's the economical answer to continuous production of a variety of superior quality chocolate candies.

Hilliard's Chocolate Coating Systems are precision designed for easy, profitable production of from 200 to 1500 pounds per day. Everything you need to coat chocolates of exceptional, consistent quality is included in a single unit. There is no need for separate melting or tempering units.

A Hilliard's Chocolate System will melt, temper, coat and col your chocolate coatings quickly and efficiently, even with inexperienced operators. Simplicity of operations assures top quality control throughout the processing operation.

Easy Chocolate Coating System Features:

Prebottomer - The standard unit is designed for non-tempered coatings (compound). There are separate heat controls for the melting tank and the wire mesh belt. A detailer assures attractively formed chocolates. The chilled cooling belt provides proper setup of bottom coatings. A central control panel indicates precise functioning of the system at a single glance. An optional tempering bottomer is available. This provides properly tempered chocolate of the coater section. A longer cold belt allows the tempered chocolate to set at the correct rate.

Cooling Tunnel - The cooling tunnel provides thorough cooling of all pieces. Coated centers will be cooled in as little as 5 to 7 minutes. The "stringing" area of the tunnel belt is used to decorate coated centers by hand or machine before the product enters the tunnel. The packaged area at the exit end of the tunnel allows packing of the coated and cooled items. Precise control of the cooling temperature and humidity assures chocolates with a high luster.

Coater - The coater assures a continuous supply of properly tempered chocolate. The dry air heating means no water needs to be in proximity to the chocolate. The tempering kettle chocolate is held precisely within 1 degree Fahrenheit of the selected temperature. Auxiliary heaters maintain chocolate temperature in the curtain hopper and wire belt. The variable speed shaker controls coating thickness on the center. A detailer rod removes "tails" from the coated piece as it transfers to the cooling belt. A double curtain with independent adjustments assures complete coating for all size and shaped pieces.

Chocolate Blower

Chocolate Blower - The chocolate blower removes excess chocolate from the product. The heated air blower is most useful on large pieces, especially those with a flat top. Both the air heating and the air volume are adjustable.

Drip Feed Funnel

Drip Feed Funnel - The drip feed funnel helps in times of high volume chocolate use. Add pre-melted chocolates to the drip feed hopper. a control regulates how fast the melted chocolate is fed into the tempering machine.

Extended Coating Belt

Extended Coating Belt - An extended wire mesh coating belt permits the use of automatic decorating devices (stringers) that apply chocolate to the coater center.


Variable Speed Belt Drives - Each belt in the line has its own individual control. This allows for longer cooling of heavily coated items. Transfers between belts can be fine tuned for difficult shaped pieces. Capable of speeds up to 8 feet per minute.

Extra Capacity Melter - The larger tempering capacity of 600 pounds per day (281 kg per day) provides more tempered chocolate for peek production needs. This is standard of the 16 inch (40 cm) Systems.

Feed Belt - Allows automatic loading from extruders or by continuous hand feeding. Belts are available in various lengths.

Watch this unit in action!

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