Hilliard's G.M.S. Decorator

G.M.S. Decorator

Belt Widths: 5" to 24" (12 cm to 61 cm)

Electrical Requirements: 110 volts AC 100 watts

Save time and money on chocolate decoration

Hilliard's introduces the G.M.S. Decorator. It's a simple, low cost machine that automates decoration of chocolate pieces before they enter the cooling tunnel. The G.M.S. Decorator means big savings in time consuming, expensive hand labor. It could pay for itself in just days.

The new unit is designed to fit most coating systems with belt widths from 5" to 24" and adjusts easily to accommodate centers of different heights. In addition, there is no need to align pieces on the belt.

A high quality product that's easy to use and maintain

The G.M.S. Decorator is constructed of stainless steel and aluminum to meet sanitary codes. The stringing section may be removed for easy cleaning. It is equipped with a self-contained, maintenance-free motor.

As with our chocolate coating systems, we take a lot of pride in the quality of the accessories we offer. Getting all the little things right is what makes our chocolate systems great!

Watch this unit in action!

Click on the video to the left to watch the G.M.S. Decorator in action. To view even more Hilliard's Chocolate System equipment demos, visit our YouTube page here.

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