Hilliard's Peppy Pump Jr. Chocolate System

Peppy Pump Jr.

The Peppy Pump Jr is ideal for:

  • Filling all types of molds
  • Nonpareils on a tray or belt
  • Deposits on top of the piece
  • "Spotting" a cooling belt for cordials
  • Short or long production runs
  • Foil Cups
  • Binding inclusions together for clusters

The Pump is: Accurate, Consistent deposits, Easy to use, Rugged, Adaptable to most melters and Made in the USA

The most efficient way to fill chocolate molds

The Peppy Pump Jr. is ideal for filling all types of molds accurately and efficiently. Solid mold, hollow molds, flat molds, 3-D molds and book type molds all work well with the Peppy Pump. The single nozzle can be used for single deposits or the 4 way nozzle can be adjusted for spacing the 4 deposits into flat molds forming nonpareils or foil cups.

Designed for versatility in chocolate processing

Other uses for the pump include spotting of a bottomer belt to place cherry cordials on to get a great bottom. It can place a deposit of chocolate on top of your caramel nut patty. Although it will not pump inclusions such as nuts or coconut, it can be used to form clusters. Chocolate is deposited into a tray of nuts and allowed to solidify. This will bind the nuts together. The cluster can then be completely coated on an enrober.

Consistent, accurate results from the Peppy Pump Jr.

The Peppy Pump Jr. has solid state, reliable controls for the size of the deposit and the timing between deposits. The pipe is stainless steel and the nozzles are food grade nylon. It can easily mount to most chocolate machines. It works from a 110 volt (2 amp) circuit for the controls and compressed air (60 to 70 psi) to power the depositing piston. Compressed air is supplied by the customer. It has a foot switch to make the deposits or an adjustable timer. The deposit size is adjustable from slightly larger than a chocolate cookie morsel to 6 oz. in one deposit. It comes with a single nozzle and a 4 way nozzle. There is an optional 6 way nozzle.

The deposits size and timing between deposits is easy to adjust. Adjusting the air pressure allows the deposit to come out slowly or quickly. The pump weighs 40 pounds and is easy to break down for cleaning.

Watch this unit in action!

Click on the video to the left to watch the Peppy Pump Jr. in action. To view even more Hilliard's Chocolate System equipment demos, visit our YouTube page here.

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