The finest chocolate melting, tempering, coating & decorating equipment from Hilliard's Chocolate System

Hilliard's provide the finest in machinery for chocolate candy producers made in the USA - tempering melters of several capacities, hand coaters, complete coating systems, and cooling cabinets - for the novice or experienced chocolate maker - to provide a complete range of capabilities.

Our systems are designed to offer it all - efficient operations, fast start up and easy clean-up, quick changeover from one batch to another, all combined with an attractive styling and sanitary design.

Hilliard's chocolate processing equipment. Engineered for excellence and built to last - they'll give you more efficiency, more product for your money.

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By order of the Governor of Massachusetts all non-essential businesses, including Hilliard's Chocolate System, are to be closed effective 3/24/2020. This shut down is to continue until at least 4/7/2020. We will not have access to our phones or voice mail. We will have access to our emails. Please email Jim Bourne ( or Dan Andersen ( with any questions. We are happy to give advice, but will not be able to ship any parts out until we return to work. Good luck everyone and stay safe.